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Welcome to your one stop informative site for nonprofit organizations in your Santa Clarita Valley. We have all the information you need for finding nonprofits, charities, and donation options in your hometown of Santa Clarita. If you are looking for ways to support your community, or donate to a specific group of people, we can help you find what you are looking for.

There are many benefits to donating to nonprofits in Santa Clarita. One is that it builds community strength while creating a bond of unity for the common good. Organizations such as the Santa Clarita Coalition or Santa Clarita Grocery are built upon the foundation of helping those in need. They provide the basic necessities for families and veterans with food insecurities in your community, and you can be a part of the assistance towards the solution.

Another common benefit is receiving a tax deduction when you donate to nonprofits. These groups and organizations are in desperate need of funds, materials, and helping hands. If you donate either previously owned materials or new ones to charity, you can benefit from tax write offs. It is beneficial to you and for the fundraiser you are assisting through your generosity.

Our Santa Clarita Nonprofits Directory can help you find which organizations are near you and who they help. These local charities help a variety of people from families with food insecurities, retired veterans and first responders, those impacted from natural disasters, victims of violence or crime, and basic children’s needs.

Santa Clarita Nonprofits is your local group of nonprofit leaders and organization volunteers committed to taking care of the disadvantaged people in our hometown. Our goal is to enlighten and mentor Santa Clarita residents about the essential requirements of the community and to show how helping those in need can be a fulfilling experience. We want to raise awareness for these groups who work tirelessly for their cause and need aid in reaching their goals, whether it is through your donations or your service during your free time.

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We have a directory of the Santa Clarita nonprofits that work tirelessly for Santa Clarita. They range from helping those impacted from natural disasters, poor families in need, victims of violence, and children’s needs. Contact us:

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